El Medano Beach is the Best Beach in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is famed for its extensive list of excellent beaches that characterizes a great tropical holiday. You can choose the one that fits you, but the most recommended one is none other than the El Medano Beach, voted as the best beach in Cabo San Lucas. Attractive views, clear waters and astonishing golden sands are its basic features with some added value brought by its modern facilities that include restaurants, shops and bars. Get yourself ready for a holiday full of swimming, water fun and entertainment opportunities at the best beach in Cabo. El Medano Beach truly stands out, and will give you a vacation that you won’t forget.

Best Beach in Cabo

Playa El Medano is certainly the best beach in Cabo, teeming with nature’s great wonders in a safe ocean setting. El Medano beach is the perfect spot from where you can enjoy Land’s End and El Arco rock formation. You can just practically sit the whole day and get glimpses of the surrounding beauty, and call it a day, but there’s more than meets the eye.

This area is renowned for great restaurant choices showcasing the authentic Baja California delicacies that abound. An enjoyable party atmosphere can be felt all around, and it promises a night of drinking pleasure and socializing with the crowds. Shopping can also be done within the downtown area that is just a short walk away, and sightseeing can be such a fulfilling thing as there are many interesting places waiting to be explored.

Best beach in Cabo for Children

You need not worry if you have your children with you because El Medano Beach is regarded as one of the safest swimming places in Cabo San Lucas. You can spend the whole day indulging in the fun-filled water activities like kayaking, snorkeling, jet-skiing and riding a banana boat. Each member of your entourage will surely find a way to keep him or herself busy and happy throughout the vacation. Cabo’s most popular beach is set to entertain you with surprises for everyone’s satisfaction.

Accommodations on the best beach in Cabo

Every memorable vacation calls for a worthy accommodation. If you want to stay in the vicinity of El Medano Beach you can choose from one of three Villa Group Timeshare resorts: Villa del Palmar Cabo and Villa del Arco and Villa La Estancia. These top resort are perfect places to stay if you want to be close to all the actions that the beach provides. A sense of exclusivity and privacy makes you feel special among the Cabo San Lucas visitors. Expect glorious sun-filled days and everything that’s unique and fun-filled if you choose to spend your vacation at the El Medano Beach.

Medano Beach is one stop that you must not miss when setting foot in Cabo San Lucas.

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