Deciphering Awards and Reviews on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the most sought after sites that helps people plan their trips. The site helps people decide where they want to spend their vacations, where to stay when they get there and what local sites and activities to pursue once they are there. Because of this remarkable service,  reviews on TripAdvisor are great to evaluate what places and hotels are enjoyable for vacation spots.

TripAdvisor is currently distributing awards to resorts and planned events based on the types of reviews given. TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice, Green Leader’s Program, Certificate of Excellence and TripAdvisor’s badges are awards given to places the most sought out and worth visiting-

TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice

In 2002, TripAdvisor initiated the TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award to recognize destinations (which also includes restaurants, local activities, tours and hotels) that get the highest number of excellent reviews, making this award TripAdvisor’s highest recognition. What makes this award unique is that it’s the only award recognized in the travel business that relies on actual customer reviews than paid critics. Quality of service and customer satisfaction are included in the criteria used to determine the awarding of a Traveler’s Choice Award, and the determination for millions of locations and attractions is done each year.

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence award came out in 2010 for those destinations that get consistent positive reviews on TripAdvisor. The honor of receiving the Certificate of Excellence goes to the top 10% when it comes to favorite establishment like local attractions, restaurants and hotels. The following criteria is considered when selecting the top 10%:

  • A 12-month consistent review history on TripAdvisor.
  • Consistent 4/5 minimum ranking.
  • TripAdvisor Popularity ranking (based on quantity of reviews).
  • Minimum number of reviews met.

Green Leaders Program

Another honor hotels and other accommodations can get from TripAdvisor is the Greenleaders Program, which means the facility conducts business practices that are environmentally friendly. Aggressive water treatment programs, using energy saving light-bulbs, recycling, and other factors are considered for determining if an establishment will meet the Greenleaders profile minimum required score. Currently, there are four levels of Greenleaders achievement: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

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