Common Mistakes People Make on Vacation in Mexico

Vacationing in Mexico is wonderful. I am sure you have heard the commonly said phrase, “What happens in Mexico will stay in Mexico”, but Mexico is still a foreign country. There are common mistakes that should be avoided by people who vacation in Mexico. If you want to have a safe and legal time in Mexico, then read the advice offered.

Here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid making when you vacation in Mexico.

Make sure you really pay attention to number six as this should be avoided in any country.

  1. If You Wouldn’t Do It in Your Own Country, then Don’t Do It in Mexico
  2. You may know how to order a beer or margarita using the Mexico language, but Mexico is a foreign country that has laws. These laws can protect you, but you want to make sure that if you wouldn’t do something in your own country, then don’t do it in Mexico. A few examples would be drinking and driving, buying illegal drugs or trying to bribe the cops. If you want to stay out of jail in Mexico, then follow this simple rule.

  3. No Swimming in the Ocean with a Red Flag Posted
  4. The Pacific Coast can have strong currents, so the authorities will post a red flag warning swimmers to avoid swimming. The beaches are generally always safe, but occasionally the currents pick up, and the red flag will be posted to protect the safety of swimmers.

  5. To Buy or Eat Turtle Eggs is Illegal
  6. Turtles are one animal in Mexico that are protected, so if you eat or buy turtle eggs and get caught, then you will go to jail. The Mexican police gather all turtle eggs, then take them to a safe place where they can hatch. Turtle eggs have been enjoyed for decades, but it is still illegal to eat or purchase them.

  7. No Diving Without a Professional
  8. Mexico offers the best diving. One thing that you should never do is to dive without a professional guide. The guide will keep you safe, plus take you to the best diving spots and caves. Cave diving can be dangerous unless you have a professional guide with you.

  9. Nude or Topless Sunbathing is Illegal
  10. As enticing as it may be, you must not participate in nude or topless sunbathing on public beaches in Mexico. This is a Catholic country, so it is a serious fine if you are caught committing this act in Mexico.

  11. No Sex at the Beach or in Public
  12. It might be on your bucket list to have sex in public, but in Mexico and many other countries it is against the law. If you would like to have sex in public, then Thailand or one of the Arabic countries is the place you should go as it is permitted there along with a nice drink.

  13. Peeing in Public is Not Permitted
  14. It doesn’t matter how bad you may have to pee, you must not do it in public in Mexico as if you are caught, then you will receive a costly fine. The locals in Mexico’s tourist destinations thrive on keeping their city clean, safe, and smelling great, so respect them by not peeing in public.

  15. Insulting a Mexican’s Mother
  16. It is frowned upon to insult a Mexican’s mother. It is just not accepted, nor should you insult anyone’s mother in any country. Mexican mothers are honored in Mexico, so if you insult a mother here you will find that you are in big trouble.

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