Best Cabo Landmarks

Cabo San Lucas has long been a haunt of the rich and famous; its glittering waters, soft sands, and year-long sunshine make it one of the most glamorous vacation destinations in Mexico. It is, arguably, the landscape, however, that really makes Cabo so special; there are some brilliant landmarks all around the city!


El Arco (the Arch)

Without a trip to El Arco, no vacation in Los Cabos is truly complete! This geographical wonder is perhaps the most famous Cabo landmarks, and it is also a great location for snorkelling, sea-lion watching, and pelican spotting. In fact, you might even see humpback whales passing in winter time! This formation of ancient rocks rises from the sea at the southernmost point of Cabo San Lucas and is truly breath-taking at sun rise.

Best Cabo Landmarks the Arch

Vitrofusion Glass Blowing Factory

Mexico is famed for the beautiful arts and crafts that are produced by skilled local artisans, and there are plenty of them selling wonderful pieces of home-grown art at every turn in Cabo! When you visit the Vitrofusion factory you can learn the art of glass blowing, and bring home something really special from Mexico. You’ll also be able to watch the masters at work; believe us, it is quite the sight!

Cabo san Lucas Marina

Cabo’s marina is truly a world-class, man-made wonder of a landmark; everything you could need to make a day out special, memorable, and enjoyable can be found here! From here you can shop, dine, enjoy entertainment, or even rent a yacht or water taxi to take you to the El Arco rock formation! One of the best Cabo landmarks.

Cabo san Lucas Marina Flea Market

Shopping addicts and art lovers alike will be pleased by what’s on offer at the Cabo Marina Flea Market! Here you can find all kinds of arts and crafts, including textiles, jewellery, clothing and original artwork! There’s no better place in Cabo to find, and support, folk art and artists!

Best Cabo Landmarks Marina

Lands’ End/Finisterra

Finisterra is the southernmost point of Baja California; out here nature meets man in the most breath-taking and amazing ways possible. A day trip to Lands End is the perfect opportunity to see the local wildlife and revel in the wonders of nature. Some say that if you were to continue from this point in a straight line due south, you would not meet land again until you hit Antarctica!

Chileno Beach

While most hotels in Cabo San Lucas will have a private beach of their own, there are public beaches for your enjoyment. Most notably Chileno Beach which is one of the most popular places to hang out and one of the best Cabo landmarks! On Chileno beach you can find water sports of all kinds, including snorkelling, jet skis, kayaks and paddle boards for hire, and many more! This beach is family friendly, and the waters are safe for swimming (keep in mind, though, that if there is no lifeguard present you swim at your own risk).

Best Cabo Landmarks Chileno Beach

I hope that you enjoy these iconic Cabo landmarks and that your vacation is memorable!

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