Benefits to Joining Villa Preferred Access

There are many vacation clubs in Mexico to choose from, so what makes joining Villa Preferred Access so special?

Benefits to Joining Villa Preferred Access

Firstly, joining Villa Preferred Access means that you are part of one of Mexico’s top timeshare / vacation clubs operated by the Villa Group. Villa Preferred Access is the points based timeshare program that gives you access to Villa del Palmar resorts in locations around Mexico. The 30-year long solid reputation held by the Villa Group makes joining Villa Preferred Access among the safest vacation ownership investments in Mexico.

Another important benefit to joint Villa Preferred Access is the high quality of the accommodations, resort facilities and locations you will enjoy when you become a Villa Preferred Access member. You are guaranteed quality and luxury in terms of design architecture and services, while the destinations you will experience year after year will leave you looking for opportunities to escape to Mexico as often as possible. Villa Preferred Access means that you can use your membership to vacation on the Caribbean Coast in Cancun, on the Pacific Coast in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta and on the Baja California Peninsula in Cabo San Lucas and the Islands of Loreto.

The main benefit to joining Villa Preferred Access is, of course, the fact that you will be buying a points based timeshare rather than a fixed week. Villa Preferred Access allocates you a particular number of points depending on the type of membership you purchase. These points can be used as and when you wish for a minimum of 2 nights. Any unused points from one year to the next can be banked. Buying Villa Preferred Access points also means that you can stay in more than one location in any given year. With as little as the equivalent points for one week, you could spend two shorter breaks in two different destinations.

Finally, Villa Preferred Access offers additional benefits such as being able to borrow points, use your points to pay for services like all inclusive packages as well as qualify for the Owner Referral Program where you earn credits that you can spend like money for recommending a friend.

Villa Preferred Access Benefits for Members

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