Art Scene in Puerto Vallarta

Art lovers will be right at home in Puerto Vallarta where the art scene is lively, vibrant, and thriving. The varied abundance of sculptures, art stores, and galleries throughout Puerto Vallarta provide a delightful way to pass time on your vacation. The art scene in Puerto Vallarta is truly worth experiencing!

Art Galleries in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has garnered quite a reputation for being host to a huge number of high quality art galleries, particularly in the downtown area of the city and in the romantic zone. These galleries showcase a mix of sculptures, photography and prints, ceramics, and even designer jewellery. If you know something about art then you might find yourself surprised by the high quality of all the offerings on display.

Public Art in Puerto Vallarta

Public art is a huge part of the art scene in Puerto Vallarta. The Malecon is a well-loved part of the Puerto Vallarta scenery. The old boardwalk is not only a great way to get about the city, but is a showcase for the work of local artists whose sculptures line the edge of the promenade. Renowned Mexican artists like Alejandro Colunga, Jonas Gutierrez and Sergio Bustamante have sculptures on display for the public to enjoy, some of them are even interactive. There are also some wonderful human statues who react to coin donation, or stone balancing. The Malecon, as you can see, is a haven for artists and artisans of all kinds. Why not get a caricature of yourself drawn?

Huichol Art

Talking about the art scene in Puerto Vallarta definitely requires a mention of the Huichol art that is on display, and available for purchase across Puerto Vallarta. The Huichol are a Native American ethnic group which produce particularly distinctive art using colored beads and beeswax sealed threads. The effect is utterly stunning, and you can view it in a number of specialized galleries and markets across the city.

Famous Local Artists

Puerto Vallarta has produced a number of esteemed artists including Javier Nino, Rogelio Diaz, and Manuel Lepe Macedo. These artists all have a wonderful gift, but they all have unique styles and ways of putting it to use. Diaz, for example, uses a highly contemporary style that merges magical realism and expressionism in a very unique way.

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